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Dia Kaldia Coffee Liqueur
Ice Pick Peppermint Liqueur
Arctic Lava Cinnamon Liqueur
Ice Pick Peppermint Liqueur

Alcohol Content: 30%

Ice Pick is one of our first products ever manufactured. It has always been enjoyed as a stand alone drink or as a mix in cocktails to make springbokkies and various other cocktails.

Choc Mint Cream
One shot of Black Horse Vodka
One shot Dia Kaldia Coffee Liqueur
Half a shot of Ice Pick Peppermint Liqueur
One shot of Lemonade
Half a shot of Mixed Berry fruit juice
Cream and Chocolate Shavings

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Arctic Lava Cinnamon Liqueur

Alcohol Content: 40%

This is an old time favourite with a cinnamon flavour. Arctic Lava literally takes your breath away with 40 % Alc/Vol. Lava is best enjoyed as a shooter (If you dare!) or calmed down by adding a layer of fresh cream or any of the cream liqueurs on top of it.

Arctic Shock
Half a shot of Arctic Lava
Half a shot of Pancake
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